Design Ideas And Tips For Landscaping Backyards

Urban Backyard Garden Design - The Plan

Urban Backyard Garden Design 1 | The Plan
A backyard garden design created for entertaining. Transforming a small patio and backyard into a livable space. Creating privacy and gardens with a fire feature, waterfall, and pond. Also, retaining walls, planters, and sitting areas help complete this design.

Urban Backyard Garden Design - The Landscape

Urban Backyard Garden Design 2
Beautifully transformed garden design idea. A large paver patio, outdoor patio furniture, retaining walls, planting beds, and a bit of lawn area. Ideas for how to build gardens and patios with a pond and waterfall.

Oaks Grotto Florida Backyard Landscape Design Part 1

Oaks Grotto Florida Backyard Landscape Design Part 1
Designing a Florida backyard landscape for entertaining. Even though this home is in Florida, the ideas are wonderful and can be used almost anywhere. This design has patios, waterfalls, outdoor kitchen, spa, and an outdoor entertainment area.

Oaks Grotto Florida Backyard Landscaping Part 2

Oaks Grotto Florida Backyard Landscaping Part 2
This beautiful Florida backyard has it all. A few waterfalls, outside entertainment center, outdoor kitchen, spa, patios, and incredible landscape lighting. The landscaping is created for entertaining, parties, and being used.

Before And After Backyard Makeover

Before And After Back Yard Landscaping Idea
A short video of a backyard landscaping makeover with ideas for how to transform a dull backyard into an inviting living and entertaining area.

Backyard Patio Garden Design Ideas

Residential Backyard Patio Garden
A short video of a residential backyard patio garden makeover. Patio design, planting areas, fire pit, and waterfall. Some good patio garden ideas that can be applied to most backyards.

Southern Florida Backyard Design Ideas

Southern Florida Backyard Landscaping Ideas
A beautiful backyard landscape design in South Florida. Outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, planting beds, and stone walkways are just a few of the ideas you'll get from this video.

Backyard Waterfall Project 1

Backyard Waterfall Project 1
Backyard and front yard ideas. Creating a little curb appeal for the front with walkways. The backyard has a nice entertainment area that includes a pond water feature with several waterfalls. Also a patio, arbor, sitting areas, planters, and retaining walls.

Backyard Waterfall Project 2

Backyard Waterfall Project 2
How to build a garden waterfall and pond. This water feature has several waterfalls. This design shows how to decorate and plant around ponds, water features, and water falls. Do it yourself landscape design with a large pond with lots of waterfalls, a patio space, and an arbor.

Outdoor Kitchen 1

click to see Backyard Outdoor Kitchen Ideas 1 video
Outdoor kitchens are a must for anyone who is serious about entertaining in their backyard. This video shows a South Florida backyard idea with outdoor kitchen, patios, a fire feature, planting beds, stone steps, and outdoor entertaining and dining areas. Also shows the design plan and planning ideas.

Outdoor Kitchen 2

Click to see Backyard Outdoor Kitchen Ideas 2 video
Backyard patio and outdoor kitchen idea. Design ideas for creating patios, fire pit, retaining walls, landscape lighting, outdoor dining area, paver and stone garden steps.

Outdoor Furniture And Patio Furniture Ideas

Outdoor Furniture Ideas | Backyard Patio Furniture
Outdoor patio furniture ideas, placement, and outdoor fabric material types. Wicker, Teak wood, outdoor fabrics, and other materials. Furnishing ideas for backyards, patios, and courtyards.

Backyard Spas And Hot Tub Ideas

Backyard Spas And Hot Tub Ideas
Incredible backyard spas and hot tubs. Some of the newer models are out of this world with features and functions. Adding a spa or hottub to your backyard can be therapeutic as well as decorative and functional.

Terraced Backyard Patio Landscape Design

Terraced Backyard Patio Landscaping
Terraced backyard landscape design with patios, outdoor kitchen, and retaining walls designed in flowing circular patterns. Outdoor furniture, garden decor, and landscaping planting beds finish off a beautiful terraced landscape.

Raised Flower Bed Design Idea

Raised Flower Bed - Backyard Landscaping - Raised Bed
A simple landscaping idea for a backyard. Video shows waterfall, retaining wall,steps, and walkways. A complete design idea with raised flower beds that can be used in many parts.

Landscaping A Hillside Backyard With A Steep Slope

landscaping A Hillside Backyard
Extreme steep slope or hillside landscaping. Get a few good ideas for a hillside waterfall or stack rock retaining wall.

Hillside Landscaping A Sloped Backyard

Landscaping On A Slope - Hillside Landscaping Sloped Backyard
Ideas and considerations for a steep slope or hillside. This is another one of our own design videos.

Small Backyard Garden Makeover Ideas

Backyard Small Garden Makeover Ideas
Great ideas video for a small backyard garden makeover. Very simple quick tips for small gardens, backyards, and side yards.

Landscaping Tips For Backyards And Side Yards

Landscaping Ideas For Backyard - Side Yard Landscaping Ideas
Side yard landscape design. You don't see too many landscape and garden design ideas for side yards.

Backyard Makeover Ideas

Backyard Makeover - Side Yard Ideas - Backyard Landscaping Ideas
Backyard makeover ideas. I really like this video series. Several simple landscaping ideas in each video.

A Mediterranean Backyard Garden

Mediterranean Backyard Landscaping Ideas - Mediterranean Gardens
A Mediterranean backyard design and plan. Some elements in this design include a courtyard, water feature, and planting ideas with a hint of Tuscan, Itallian, and Mediterranean atmosphere.

What Tips You Can Expect To Discover In These Videos

  • Simple and inexpensive projects, materials, and elements that can be used for a quick makeover when a major design build isn't necessary or in the budget.
  • Tips and design ideas for outdoor kitchens, cooking areas, and backyard entertaining areas.
  • Tips for choosing the most logical and longest lasting outdoor furniture and different types of materials, woods, and fabrics.
  • Ideas for backyard patios and materials such as paving, furniture, planting, and decor.
  • Ideas for fountains, ponds, waterfalls, and other water features.
  • A few actual design ideas, sketches, drawings and plans for backyards.

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