Backyard Patio Design Ideas And Construction Tips

Designs And Plans

Patio With Outdoor Fireplace

Patio Outdoor Fireplace
See some great design ideas for outdoor fireplaces and patios in this video. Also get inspired with some design tips for landscaping and retaining walls around your patio.

How To Design Patios

How To Design Patios
This video will give you tips and instructions on how to design a brick or paver floor patio. See some really good design ideas and considerations for designing walkways, entry ways, and floor.

Backyard Patio Garden Design Ideas

Residential Backyard Patio Garden
A short video of a residential backyard patio garden makeover. Patio design, planting areas, fire pit, and waterfall. Some good patio garden ideas that can be applied to most backyards.

A Terraced Plan

Terraced Idea
A terraced patio garden with stone tile floor, wood deck, and block retaining walls. Get some good how to design, planning, construction, and building tips for patios in a sloped or hillside yard.

Round Design With Retaining Wall

Patio Garden Wall Idea
A cool idea for a small patio garden with circular retaining wall. A short step by step how to video showing some installation and building tips for cultured stone floors and walls.

A Covered Backyard Patio

Backyard Patio Ideas
Along with some good ideas for creating curb appeal in the front yard, this video also goes into detail for a backyard patio and landscaping project. A before and after look at a front and backyard landscaping transformation.

Terraced Backyard Landscape Design

Terraced Backyard Patio Landscaping
Terraced backyard landscape design with patios, outdoor kitchen, and retaining walls designed in flowing circular patterns. Outdoor furniture, garden decor, and landscaping planting beds finish off a beautiful terraced landscape.

For 100's more design tips and ideas, see Pictures Of Patio Designs


Flooring and paving is one of the most important elements for creating atmosphere in patios, gardens, courtyards, and complete landscapes. Hardscaping materials such as pavers and decorative concrete are used not only to create floors but also walkways, driveways, sidewalks, and paths.

Because of the diversity in colors, styles, and material types that paving and flooring materials come in, there is something that will accent or create beautiful contrast with almost any yard, patio, or landscape.

Also see Decorative Concrete Videos and Decorative Concrete Ideas for more design ideas and construction tips for floors.

Preparing And Installing Paver Flooring

Preparing Area For Patio Pavers
Installing paver patio floors. How to prepare an area for installing brick or stone paving. Preparation is key to perfect finished flooring, paths, or walkways.

How To Build Paved Floor Patios

How To Build Paver Patios
How to install floor pavers. Same common technique of laying over sand. Some good tips about compacting and a new method of edging paved floor patios.

More Ideas For Installing A Paver Floor Patio

Installing A Paver Floor Patio
Here's another method for installing paver flooring. A very common method of pavers installation as most methods are close to the same with variations depending on individual contractors.

Screened In Patio Enclosures

In some areas such as Florida and other humid and coastal parts of the couthry, screened in enclosures are a necessity if you want to enjoy the outdoors of your backyard and paio without being eaten alive by insects. And while they do have to be built to last and withstand high winds and other elements, they can still be beautiful additions to any home, patio, and landscaping. These videos will give you some great ideas, inspirations, and considerations to see if one would be a good investment or necessity for your patio.

Screened In Enclosures

Screen Enclosures
Besides some good inspirational pictures and design examples, this video has some good tips and ideas for installing screen enclosures on your patio, back porch, or courtyard. Screened in bug resistant garden and landscaping enclosures.

Screened In Enclosed Outdoor Kitchen Patio

Outdoor Kitchen Screen Enclosed Patios
A screened in backyard patio with outdoor kitchen, water feature, container gardens, paver flooring and seating areas, and stone seating walls. Beautiful backyard landscaping with stone flooring, terracing, and planting areas.

Screened In Courtyard

Screened In Courtyards
A courtyard garden design and construction before and after. Get inspirations on how to transform a existing lawn into a beautiful screen enclosed courtyard with water feature, paver patio, sitting areas, and raised natural stone planters.

Before And After Screened In Patio Project

Screened In Patio Ideas Before And After
A beautiful enclosed backyard patio garden and landscape. The screen enclosure helps control insects and also creates a sense of privacy while still having an outdoor atmosphere. See how creating an awesome outdoor room with spa and water feature is done simply by screening in and accenting an existing dull back yard landscape and patio.

Backyard Patio Screen Enclosure 1 - The Plan

Screened In Backyard Patio Ideas 1 | The Plan
See how the design plans are created as well as building the patios, water features, outdoor dining areas, and retaining walls. Get some good ideas for how to screen in your backyard, patios, or gardens to help control insects and pests.

Backyard Patio Screen Enclosure 2 - The Project

Backyard Patio Screen Enclosure 2 - The Project
A beautiful screen enclosed backyard patio design with water feature fountains, spa, retaining walls, and flagstone floor dining area. Screened in enclosures help eliminate or control insects. Screen enclosures also create a private atmosphere without blocking out the existing views.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Outdoor Furniture Ideas
Outdoor furniture ideas, placement tips, and considerations for outdoor fabrics. Information about Wicker, Teak wood, outdoor fabric types, and other materials. Furnishing ideas for backyard, patios, and courtyards landscaping.

What Tips You Can Expect To Discover In These Videos

  • Get inspired with actual designs and plans being created and constructed See how it's done step by step from start to finish.
  • Discover how to enhance your patio design by applying and using different elements like outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, planters, and retaining walls.
  • Get ideas for terracing and building patios in backyards that are on slopes and hillsides. Discover how to use steps and retaining walls for terraces and access to different levels of the landscaping.
  • Get tips for different materials such as paving, furniture, planting, and decor.
  • A lot of information on flooring and paving with different hardscape materials such as brick, flagstone, decorative concrete, and even gravel and bark mulch.
  • How to eliminate insects and other pests with screened in patio and courtyard enclosures.
  • Get some good tips on what to look for when choosing outdoor furniture. Get ideas for what types of materials and styles will work best for your own patio ideas, designs, projects, and climate.

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