Backyard Spa And Hot Tub Ideas

Some really great spa and hot tubs ideas for your backyard, patio, or next to your pool. Some of the newer models are out of this world with features and functions. Adding a spa or hot tub to your backyard landscaping can be therapeutic as well as decorative and functional.

Above ground or in ground, a spa or hot tub can become just as much a part of your backyard decor and design as any other hardscape element. Whether it be wood or tile or any other material used in the rest of the yard or patio, they can be custom made and trimmed in to match the rest of your landscaping.

As you'll see from this video, many of these custom made spas and hot tubs can come with fireplaces, water features, stereos, television and video, seating areas, eating areas, and more. Almost anything you could imagine or want for your own personal lifestyle can be custom built into your own model.

For those of you wanting to add a swimming pool but don't have the room in your backyard, you may want to consider a swim spa. These spas are larger than regular models, a lot smaller than a swimming pool, and are built to give you the experience and excersize of of a large pool without the expense and without taking up a lot of room. Powerful jets create a strong current to swim against.

Ideas You'll Get From This Video

Get ideas for........

  • The pros and cons of inground hot tubs and spas
  • The pros and cons of above ground models
  • Different materials types and installation
  • Placement and installation of the mechanics and electrical
  • Custom features like fireplace, water feature, audio, and video
  • Swim spas

So whether you are considering a spa, hot tub, or even a small swimming pool in your backyard, this video will give you some great ideas for choosing one, the types of materials choices, and ways to incorporate one into your backyard landscaping, patio, or yard.