Palm Trees Landscaping Planting Ideas

Planting tips and ideas. Using plants to create privacy in backyards and other areas. Also a special focus on Palm trees. The different types of palms as well as cost differences and uses in different geographic areas.

Adding enough of the right plants into the landscaping is often the element that adds a lot of the wow factor to many yards. Some times when the plants are one of the last steps in a project, it is an instant transformation to a finished appearance.

Get ideas for backyard privacy. Since most backyards are built to be private getaways and our own personal spaces, it's important to plan for a little vertical designin the form of either plants, walls, fences, trellis or all combined.

Get ideas and information about the different types of palm trees, their growth habits, sizes, and uses. There is a huge variety of palms available to warmer and some marginal climates. It's important to know the type of plants you intend to use and their ability to live in your climate. This is especially true with tropical plants as just a few degrees can mean the difference in survival.

Another great planting tip discussed in this video is mass planting. Mass planting is generally a simple method of creating plant schemes that have a lot of impact. While it's not too difficult to plant a group of plants together, again, it's more a matter of knowing a little about the plants that will grow in your area. Palm trees combined with mass planting and other taller shrubs for privacy, this yard has some great planting ideas you can use in your own landscaping.