Patio Screen Enclosure Ideas

Tips and ideas for how to install screen enclosures on your patio, courtyard, porch, or swimming pool.

Get tips and information on using the right type and size of screen to keep all the bugs out. There are different types of screen created for different purposes and areas so be sure to research and know your needs so you can get the right screen mesh.

Get ideas and information regarding material type and quality. Also, this video will give you insight about construction techniques and materials so that you can know what goes into a quality screen enclosure. This is good to know if you build it yourself and especially if you have a professional contractor build your screen enclosure. This way you'll know if they're doing it right or cutting corners.

This video will give you some good ideas on how to incorporate your landscaping into your screen enclosed area. Bringing elements of your landscaping inside the enclosure helps unify the entire yard, home, and property rather than appearing as different units within the same space.

Adding a screened in patio or other garden area enclosures to your home is a good investment that adds value to your home as well as most often becomes the most used area of the home.