Backyard Outdoor Kitchen And Patio 1

A South Florida backyard with outdoor kitchen, patios, fire feature, planting beds, stone steps, and outdoor entertaining and dining areas. In this video you'll have the opportunity to see the landscaping plan and planning ideas that go into designing and building this yard and patios.

Plans for a beautiful backyard landscape on the water front. See how to design a garden with a lot of interest that also accents a great view without blocking it.

This video is a good before and after example that shows how to address steps and issues with steps and stairs as a design element. Steps can be a huge design element with not only the home but also with the yard and landscaping.

Get some good ideas and examples of what thought actually goes into a design and plans. As designers look at problem areas of the yard and patio, they brainstorm and create solutions to make the landscaping beautiful, functional, and spacious.

The main aspects and points of this video is to take a dull single level backyard landscape and transform it into a two level terraced yard with two patios, outdoor kitchen, circular stone stairs, raised planting beds, and fire feature. This video and the next will show you the design plan as well as walk you through the how to and why of some of the design plans.