Front And Backyard Landscaping Makeover 1

A few great front yard and backyard landscaping ideas. Design plans for curb appeal and outdoor backyard living. Front entry ideas to create invitation and curb appeal. Outdoor kitchen, patio, and pool in the backyard to create an amazing usable outdoor living area.

This video gives you a peak at the design plans and drawings used to create this yard and landscaping. Along with that, the designers share a bit about the thought that went into the different elements of the plan.

The home owners initial requests for thier yard are a swimming pool, a pool pavillion, some entertainment space, and curb appeal. Together with the front and backyard, all of these requests were completed.

Because this video is about both front yard and backyard makeover projects, there are alot of different elements and ideas that go into the design plan. The front gets landscaping, walkways, front porch, waterfall, and curb appeal. While the back gets so much more with the pool, pavilion, kitchen, patios, dining areas, and a yard. Whatever area and ideas you may be looking for, this video may have what you're looking for.