Terraced Patio Garden Idea

Terraced patio garden design with stone tile floor, wood deck, and block retaining walls. Construction and design ideas for patios in a sloped yard.

This is quite an extensive project and probably a lot more than most folks would have to go through to create some outdoor patio space. Still there are some great ideas for both hillside areas that need terracing and flat areas that don't.

This design will take your thinking outside the box and help you consider different possibilities for making the most of the limited space you have. While it's generally easy to visualize and build a flat paver, gravel, or concrete floor area, there's so much more that can be done in the form of planters, steps, and raised areas.

This video will also help you visualize beyond the basic material scheme that most folks use due to the fact that they don't know they have so many choices. For instance, the slab flagstone paving is so much more classier in this setting than regular pavers would be. And the wood deck brings the element of wood into the garden which is a pleasant contrast that helps make this terraced patio such an incredible outdoor living space.