Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Types of fire pits, different design styles, and ideas for how to build a firepit to your backyard landscaping, patio, or garden design. Ideas for building out of concrete, stone, or steel and for either wood burning, propane, or natural gas.

Roman Classic Fire Pit

This short video shows a quick and easy installation for creating an outdoor fire feature out of pre-fab decorative concrete blocks.

Belvedere Concrete Block Fire Feature

Another simple design idea using pre-fab decorative concrete retaining wall blocks. However, this one uses a steel ring sleeve as its inner core.

How To Build A Gas Fire Pit Out Of A Patio Table

This video will show you how to design and build a steel gas burning fire pit out of a steel grate patio table and inexpensive materials that you can find at your local home center. you must either be an experienced welder or know one who can help you do it.

In Ground Gas Burning Fire Pit And Backyard Landscaping

Build a nice addition to your landscaping or small garden area for less than 200 bucks using a simple camping ring, a propane bottle, and a few other cheap materials that you can get at your local home center.

How To Build One Out Of Fire Brick, Granite, And Natural Stone

An idea for creating a pit out of natural stone and granite that is lined with heat resistant firebrick.

Start To Finish Instructions Using Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks

Another simple idea using retaining wall blocks. This one goes a step further by using a metal grate wood support made with re-bar frame and a top cooking grill. A very easy morterless design with lots of air flow.

Professional Backyard Fire Pit Design From Concrete Building Blocks

A considerably large backyard fire pit design idea. this one is constructed using professional grade concrete building blocks, adhesive, and is lined with gravel.

How To Build An Outdoor Firepit

A good video that goes over placement considerations. Unlike the other design ideas, this one uses a metal fire bowl or fireproof brick rather than a metal grate or fire support.

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