Steep Hillside Backyard Landscape Design

Terracing and using retaining walls for landscaping a small backyard on a very steep slope.

This small backyard needed some serious engineering to address the extremely steep slope in a very short distance. So we terraced it using concrete retaining wall blocks that match the color of the roof of the home.

As you'll see in the video, we had very little area to work with. And since the house was built on the edge of a very steep drop, we also had to consider erosion from both direct rainfall and water running off the roof.

There is no lawn in this backyard design. Everything is covered with either ground cover rock, decorative concrete, or retaining wall blocks. While it may not be the only method for landscaping steep slopes and hillsides, it gave us and the owners peace of mind knowing there is very little chance of any erosion that might eventually compromise the foundation of the home.